Bedtime Essentials

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A few things about me…

  1. I’m now working with Neals Yard Remedies to give the most incredible signature facial + massage treatments with their products.¬†Neals Yard Remedies Organic has a true holistic background + amazing natural, organic skincare which I am so excited to use on my clients!
  2. I reallllllly struggle to wind down at night. Having worked my butt off for the last 21 months means I struggle on a daily basis to just switch off!

Those two things have led to me mixing up my bedtime routine to a) utilise some of the Neals Yard products I have and b) to force my weary mind + body into sleep mode!

Step 1: Run a hot bath

Step 2: In a small bowl, mix 4 tbsp of carrier oil with up to 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (make sure you don’t apply the essential oil direct to your skin – this is harmful). Lavender is soothing, calming + relaxing.

Step 3. Take 10 to enjoy your bath whilst really focusing on your breathing (plenty of apps for your iPhone to guide you here).

Step 4. Pop a few drops of the Lavender Essential Oil into an oil burner in your bedroom.

Step 5. Apply the Neals Yard Beauty Sleep Body Lotion to dry skin. Moisturing + calming; it includes essential oils combined with olive + pumpkin seed oil to leave that silky soft feel to your skin.

This lotion is actually limited edition and available as a free gift only to anyone who wants to host a Neals Yard Party. If you can’t wait to get your hands on it, you can find the corresponding Body Butter here!¬†


If you too have difficulty in winding down at night, try one or all of the above steps, I promise you won’t regret it! Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference!

Sophie x


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