Prom Makeup Competition

Beauty School assesses us on all sorts of treatments, one of my favourites being makeup! Today we had a Prom-themed makeup competition – the makeup had to be under the ‘evening’ style category which I really enjoy as it allows me to whip out the glitter and contouring powder! We were also being assessed on strip-lash application… I applied them well but really not a fan of the actual lashes… but oh well, the rest I am loving!

I was awarded the runner-up prize which is great, it’s really boosted my confidence and I just cannot wait to do more makeovers! Today has really made me excited for my future – I gave up quite a lot to go back to school to ‘follow my dream’ and it’s days like this that remind me why I made that decision – I love what I do, and I’m constantly learning!

Here is the finished product (again, excuse the yucky lashes, they were all I was provided with!)… BkpEY9rIgAAPxgu BkpErdbIcAA1jhZ b130d038789a0ccbc588ddab1782bdce

The base makeup is all from a kit provided to me at college, but the eyes, cheeks and lips are all bareMinerals x


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