Quick fix for puffy eyes






The last month has been super super busy for me juggling three jobs, college, fitness etc which has led to a significant lack of sleep and consequently yucky bags under my eyes!

I was browsing the shelves in Boots last week and came across this De-Puffing Eye Roll-On as part of the Time Delay range. It describes itself as a roller ball designed to encourage drainage and reduce bags and dark circles around the eyes. I think relatively frequent use of a roller ball under the eyes is a good idea as it does aid lymphatic drainage which is basically draining away any excess fluid caught up between the skin and the muscle tissue. This technique is used in all facial massage techniques and I can vouch for the general relief it provides to the area.

The product is designed to be anti-ageing – I’m not too worried about fighting signs of ageing yet however such products will include ingredients to combat dehydration etc which even the youngest of us can experience!

Since starting to use this product I have absolutely noticed a difference – my under-eye circles are not as dark, my eyes are less puffy and generally look brighter.


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