Lush Lip Scrub



This product has been around for ages and has been reviewed by pretty much every blogger I follow… but I just love it and, as my blog is simply to tell inform the cyber world of my random musings, I am giving it a post all to itself 🙂

This particular scrub is the Bubblegum flavour. On the lid Lush describe the taste as candy floss (why didn’t they just label it as Candy Floss flavour?!) which is correct. It is sweet, sugary and although perhaps a little soapy I still think it tastes scrummy.

I previously used the Popcorn flavour. I also really liked the taste but the scrub dried up really quickly so I thought I would try a different one. I’m glad I did as this is lasting much longer.

All you do is apply a little to the lips and gently exfoliate in small circular movements with your fingertips to remove the dead skin cells. Exfoliation also encourages blood flow so, although Lush doesn’t plug this point, it can help to plump up the lips. Once full exfoliated you can just lick the scrub off (although I am a little wary of chomping down on my own dead skin cells so prefer to wipe it off with a damp cotton pad if I have one to hand).

I use the lip scrub almost daily just to keep my lips smooth and chap-free but I am guaranteed to use it when applying lipstick, which I do quite often. Lipstick generally hates my lips so if I am wearing a particularly difficult one such as a red I find a quick scrub beforehand really helps the staying power of the lipstick.

Be careful not to overdo the exfoliation – you don’t want to scrub away the live skin of your lips otherwise they’ll become very sore and susceptible to a whole load of other problems such as sensitivity.

Happy scrubbing!


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