Discovering REN

A few weeks ago I obtained a few REN products from the beauty salon I am doing placement at. They have recently changed their facial products to REN due to the professional quality and the luxury fragrance. I have heard and read a lot about REN recently; they are mineral based products which I love (I adore bareMinerals makeup) and totally free from nasty synthetic ingredients such as parabens and synthetic fragrances.


I have been using both the day cream and night cream for about a fortnight now and am absolutely blown away by the quality of these products. I use the Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream in the morning. I only need a tiny bit – a little goes a long way with these creams. It smells beautiful – you can tell it is plant-based and very pure. I use the Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream at night (go figure!) and it is so wonderfully moisturising I don’t need to apply my Nivea Soft on top – something I never thought would happen! (See review here). Overnight it really sinks deep into my skin and I wake up with fresh, moisturised, healthy looking skin.

For a few weeks prior to using REN I was suffering with some dodgy breakouts and dry patches of skin which have completely cleared up now. Around the same time I started using these creams I also went back to my bareMinerals foundation – I can really see the results of using mainly mineral based products on my face. The complexion is clearer, my pores are less congested (not completely clear though) and my skin feels a lot more supple.

I’ve put some REN products on my Christmas list so fingers crossed Santa comes up with the goods! If not, these will be the first products I pick up in the sales!

S x


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