My top tans


I don’t often apply fake tan – not because I don’t like it but because I am usually too lazy or just don’t have the time! I am a perfectionist when it comes to tanning so refuse to put it on me unless I have the time to ensure there will be no streaks or imperfections. I only apply it at night time as a) this is the safest way to avoid streaks and b) I can wash the biscuit smell off in the morning! I don’t care what people say – I really don’t believe there is ANY fake tan out there that doesn’t smell of fake tan! Sure, some smell great on application but the cakey biscuit scent always makes an appearance!

I have three favourites: Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel, bareMinerals Faux Tan and Garnier Summerbody.

I have been using the Clarins tan for about 8 years. It gives me an even, deep tan every tan. I don’t think I have ever gotten streaks from this. I slap it on (I find being frugal with self tan leads to streaks) and have a fantastic, glowing tan the next day. It has a gel formula and doesn’t smell of anything special but really does the job.

My friend bought me the bareMinerals Faux Tan for my birthday back in September. This tan smells wonderful (on application) – it is fruity and refreshing.  This is a more gradual tan; with the others I will just apply them once the night before the event I an tanning for but this needs a few days of application to build it up. This is a good quality, natural self-tan and I highly recommend it to those who want just a little more warmth to their skin.

The Garnier Summerbody tan is the cheapest of the three. I wouldn’t say it tops the other two in quality but for a high-street brand it really stands out for me. I get an even tan and it really moisturises my skin.


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