My Top Hair Oils



My hair is ridiculously thick. When I go to a new hairdresser I always warn them beforehand that my hair will take longer for a colour than for any normal person. They always dismiss me as being OTT or fussy or whatever but they ALWAYS start panicking halfway through the treatment as they ALWAYS run out of time/foils/colour/patience! I also have quite frizzy hair. I blame the years of bleaching and using straighteners when I was at Uni.

I have tried so many hair products to help tame my mop but have that common problem in that the products really weigh my hair down and make it look really greasy. Then I discovered hair oils! I have found that a decent oil will silken my locks and, if applied correctly, will give a beautiful shine without the greasiness. The unruliness is smoothed out and it makes my hair feel stronger yet lighter.

I have three picks here. All are brilliant and pretty close in quality but I still have a favourite!

Loreal Oil

The L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is my top pick. This is the cheapest – you can get a 100ml bottle for £6.66 at Boots (not forgetting the cashback option here). It is suitable for all hair types and it really does last for a long time. It’s important not to overdo your hair oil use; I recommend using it around 3 times a week or with every other hair wash. As with all of them, you only need to use a tiny bit. Because my hair is so long and thick I use about 4 or 5 pumps which I rub into towel-dried hair. For those with a more normal amount of hair I would suggest 2 to 4 pumps (obviously depending on length/thickness).  I love the subtle yet deep scent which lingers for a long time on my hair. This is also light enough for me to use on dry hair; a rub a tiny bit into dry hair if it needs a little pick me up or de-frizzing action!


The Wella Oil Reflections is a salon professional product. I picked this up for my mum in Sally’s (I have a trade card here due to training to be a beauty therapist – bonus!). You can buy this from Amazon for £10.45. The best feature of this oil is its scent. It smells INCREDIBLE! It smells sweet but not overpoweringly so. You’ve also got a whiff of almonds in there too. When I use this I am constantly smelling my hair and thus making myself look a fool in public… but who cares!? This product includes Macadamia oil, avocado oil and vitamin E and is of a really great quality. It is thicker than the L’Oreal oil so I would use a little less.


Finally we have the one that started off this craze; Morrocanoil. This is the most expensive of them all; I bought this little 25ml bottle in a hair salon for around £13. You can buy it for around the same price at Feel Unique (here). This is the first hair oil I ever used and yes, it is a lovely product. However after shopping around I have concluded it really isn’t the best. If you’re looking for a top-quality product you really don’t need to pay an arm and a leg. Morrocanoil does the job well, it smells OK, but personally I just don’t think it compares to the other two I have reviewed with regard to scent, affordability and result.

Tips for rubbing into towel-dried hair: warm the oil in your palms, tip your head upside down and rub your hands together with your hair sandwiched in the middle. Be gentle – you don’t need to damage those strands anymore that the environment does on a daily basis!

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