Murad Starter Kits

I have recently discovered Murad and I am suitably impressed! I have been using the Essential-C Cleanser which I picked up in a sale where I used to work (I used to share an office building with lots of glossy mags and they used to do fantastic sales to get rid of all the products they were sent to feature). I found this product really refreshing on my skin and it smells lovely.




I popped into TK Maxx last week (every week really!) and did a little jump for joy to see they have a selection of the Starter Kits available for only£15. It originally retailed at over £40. I picked the Pore Perfection kit as I have annoyingly large pores around my T Zone. It states the products “balance oily and dry zones while removing dull, dry cells” and as I have significantly combination skin I knew this was the one for me.

The Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser is meant to cleanse and tone your skin at the same time. I’m not hugely keen on the smell; it is very, very strong. But I do like the product. It cleanses the impurities from my skin very well although it is perhaps a little drying. I’m always put off by foaming products but this one has won me round.

The T-Zone Pore Refining Gel I am not 100% sure about. When I apply it to my skin it does something that makes my skin almost scream! I’m not entirely sure how to describe the feeling but it is a bit like rubbing alcohol into a wound… I’ve read great reviews on this but I just don’t think it likes my skin. That or it really really works!?

The Energizing Pomegrannate Moisturiser is a really good product. The smell is strong but not as offensive as the other two products. It has a lightweight formula and sinks into the skin well. When applied at night it works wonders and I wake up with soft, non-oily skin.

I haven’t tried either of the two Pomegranate Exfoliating Masks yet as I have been so busy and need time for face masks otherwise I forget to wash them off! So… I will report back!

All in all I like Murad but probably wont be repurchasing the Pore Perfection line again. I would, however, purchase the Essential-C collection *sneaks off to TK Maxx again*.


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