Discovering Sleek


If I pop into Superdrug my money usually goes on skin care, hand care, foundation, lip sticks and mascara. As I read more and more of everyone’s amazing beauty blogs I realised I have not jumped on the eyeshadow bandwagon at all! So I promptly nipped into my nearest Superdrug and began to salivate over the beautiful (and CHEAP) makeup products, particularly those incredible eyeshadow palettes!


I opted for the ‘Storm’ palette as I love the deep autumnal colours and also due to the higher proportion of shimmer shades. I have a real problem with wearing eyeshadow in that I have very oily eyelids and generally the shadow disappears or goes streaky within a matter or hours. Amazingly the Sleek shadows do no such thing! They last all day and look stunning. I am seriously looking forward to purchasing my next palette. And I don’t feel bad because they are so cheap (£7.99 and cheaper when Superdrug whacks out the 3 for 2 offers)!


As above, there just happened to be a 3 for 2 offer at the time of purchase so I also picked up the highly regarded Shimmer Blush in Rose Gold. I have never opted for a shimmer blush before due to my oily T-Zone however I am LOVING this product! Blended in properly it simply helps the light catch all the right places on my face and the colour is so subtle and pretty. Here is a picture of me (a little inebriated!) showing of how great it looks (and how silly I look).


My final pick was the Brow Kit in Light. I have only just started to try and do something with my eyebrows… they are quite fair and naturally thin so I’ve always felt ridiculous when using something to make them stand out a bit but the powder part of this kit suits my colouring perfectly. I tend not to use the shaping wax yet but I haven’t given up yet! The mini brushes and tweezers that come with this are a big bonus.


Great brand and cannot wait to get my hands on some more goodies 🙂


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