Current hand creams

image_1I haven’t blogged for what feels like a lifetime so I am so excited to have a spare hour today to put something together! I’ve been so so busy recently with general life-admin, catching up at college (due to my bad wrist), exams and taking some time out to see old friends and pop back to London etc! I wasn’t sure what to write about as I have hardly had time to whack a slick of gloss on my lips recently let alone buy anything new so I decided the most relevant topic I can write on is hand cream; I can always find time to moisturise these talons and I definitely have way too many for even the most driest of hands!


My all-time favourite hand cream (mentioned probably too many times on this blog already!) belong to L’Occitane. I have so many of their 30ml tubes that I have picked up from sales, magazines etc and I distribute them among my bags, workplace, car etc so there is always one in reaching distance! The ‘Peaux Seches’ is a staple; rich, moisturising and non-greasy. The ‘Passionate Jasmine’ has the most gorgeous scent and, again, keeps my hands in perfect condition.


The Garnier ‘handrepair’ cream really shocked me at how amazing it is. I have used Garnier skin products in the past and was never hugely impressed. I found face moisturisers didn’t sink into my skin properly and hair products left my hair quite greasy. I bought this in a mad rush from Tesco when I was in need of a quick fix but wanted something super cheap. Little did I know that I would be using this for days to come! I’m not very good at describing smells but this one smells gorgeous. And it works incredibly well. I think I paid about £1 for this and would highly recommend.

A colleague in an old job bought me the Dirty Works hand cream for my birthday. She loved it so much she bought herself one too! The moisturising levels of this probably aren’t as high as the others but it smells incredible and sinks into the skin very well.


Cowshed products are just generally amazing. My ex-bf obsessed over their candles and would make me dawdle in the Cowshed store at Bicester Village every trip while he smelt everything! I am quite sad this cream is nearly finished but it did last AGES – I use it more for the scent than the nourishing qualities; L’Occitane are 10 times better in that respect. But it is really very luxurious and soothing to the skin. And I’m a sucker for the packaging.

The Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy is whacked out for special occasions. It is the most long-lasting and is packed full of shea butter and has the most divine, subtle sea fragrance. The packaging is different now but it is still available.


The Body Shop Cranberry Joy hand cream is my newest purchase (it accidentally fell into my basket when Christmas shopping wink wink). I am in two minds about this product so I highly recommend you test it out first… I originally loved the smell but when I applied it at college and one of the girls instantly said “who has opened a pot of vinegar?” I started to doubt my nostrils! I’m intrigued to see if anyone else feels the same!

So, there you have my current pick of hand creams. As per my post on hand & nail cream (here), it is so important to keep those fingers nourished, especially during the winter!

Toodles x


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