Lush Love







1. The stores are so inviting as well as the staff (well, they are in Worcester).
2. The products smell amazing.
3. The products look amazing.
4. There’s something for everyone.
5. The company has decent values.

I have gone a bit crazy in Lush recently. My excuse is I move house in January and my new digs come without a bath tub so I need to make the most of my current bath… right?! I have built up quite a nice little collection of bath treats over the last few weeks as I kept popping in to buy gifts for my friends and had to buy myself a gift, or two, each time (you can’t not). I haven’t used all of them yet but there’s a few little gems I can comment on.

My favourite has to be the Magic Wand. This is a bubble bar in the Snow Fairy (limited edition) scent. It comes attached to a stick which makes it easily re-usable. It also comes with a little bell attached; so cute. I have used it once and am sure I can get two more decent bubbly baths out of it. It smells AMAZING and I love how the scent lingers in the air for days. *joy*

My second favourite is the Melting Snowman which I have already reviewed here. I was really impressed by the moisturising qualities of this melt.

The Candy Mountain is also fabulous. It has a slight shimmer with a creamy vanilla scent. And it makes your bath go pink  🙂

The Dorothy Bubble Bar is also wonderful. Ideal for winding down. I find all the bubble bars are so moisturising; more so than any ‘moisturising bubble bath’ I have used before.

I popped in yesterday with my best friend Ruth who was visiting from Wycombe. The lady working in the store showed us their new(ish) makeup collection and talked us through the concept called ‘Emotional Brilliance’ which was really fun. We had to close our eyes and listen to the music. The store assistant spun the the colour wheel around and when I opened my eyes I had to pick the first three colours that stood out to me. She then laid them out and depending on the ‘meaning’ behind each colour and the order I picked them, she basically went all psychological on me! The first colour is meant to represent your strengths/weaknesses. The second colour is your sub-conscience and the third is your aspiration. These traits are meant to tell you what colour you should pick! Apparently I can boast serious drive in life, my sub-conscience is all about control and I aspire to feel secure! Like a horoscope in the back of a magazine, it did relate to me but I am a bit of a pessimist and believe it’s quite easy to relate such traits to yourself. If I was seriously looking for makeup the interactive element of this would have been quite tedious but as I was on a relaxed mooching trip with my friend it was a bit of harmless fun. Ruth bought the Perspective colour to use as a lipstick (you can use these as lip colours or eye shadows) which looks really natural and understated. You can check out the range here but it’s much more fun to go into the store when you have some time to kill!




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