Camomile Cleansing Butter


Myself and my friend Charlie are SERIOUSLY loving us some Body Shop at the moment! Charlie more than me… she spends most of her free time either in Body Shop or wishfully filling up her basket online.  Although my love for this brand is not quite as obsessive I am really charmed by the unique products, not forgetting that Body Shop’s ethos is fantastic (find out more here).

I have been lusting over Clinique’s Take the Day Off cleansing balm since my mum bought it (and subsequently hid from me) so I was very excited to see Body Shop were doing their own balm. This one is part of the Camomile range and is for all skin types.

The smell is delicate which I like for a facial product. I feel more confident in introducing a product to my face when it is not overloaded with fragrance. I take a small amount and rub it into my dry skin, then rinse. It simply dissolves the makeup off my face leaving my skin clean, soft and fresh. It is paraben free (a cosmetic chemical best to avoid) and is only £12 which, when comparing it to its competitors, is a bargain.


You can buy this cleansing balm via this link but I think it’s worth popping into the store to smell all the gorgeous products and to see what offers are available. Compare the instore/online offers with online vouchers codes (e.g. o2 Priorites).

Happy cleansing!


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