Benefit ‘go tropiCORAL’

Happy Sunday all! This is just a quickie as my head is a liiiiitle bit fuzzy today after celebrating my friends’ birthdays last night! I wanted to review this cute little Benefit kit as I think it, along with many other kits they do, would be a great Christmas present. It retails at £25.50 and you get to try four different products which I think is fab. And obviously their packaging is to die for.


This isn’t a new purchase; I bought it in the summer when I spotted the pretty box and went all gooey eyed and obviously ‘totally needed this in my life’.

I LOVE the Cha-cha-tint so much. I mainly use it on my lips; it leaves a long-lasting stain in the most gorgeous, bright, striking colour. This is a stain for the cheeks too but I tend not to use it in this way because if I don’t blend it in super super quickly it looks really odd and you can see the shape of the application stained onto the skin! I’m still going strong with this tint and will definitely be purchasing the full size once this mini is finished.

The High Beam is a must-have for all makeup collections. It is a luminous skin enhancer and looks amazing blended in to the cheek bone. I also blend a little over the bridge of my nose and just above the centre of my lip. It basically brings attention to/highlights the right parts of your face.

Next we have the CORALista blush. I really like this colour; many would just use this during the warmer months as it is primarily a summery look but I like to rock the coral theme during all seasons. It gives a fresh faced look and on a bleary day really brightens me up! My only criticism is I don’t think the quality of the cheek colours are as good in the kits as in the individual full-sized boxes. I find using a better blusher brush helps to improve the quality.

The CORALista lip gloss is gorgeous. This is honestly one of my favourite lip glosses. The colour is sumptuous and makes a great impact. The consistency is really impressive; it’s not too sticky.

photo (9)

(Left – Right: Cha-cha-tint, High Beam, CORALista Lip Gloss)





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