On my desert island…

… I will be taking my one true love: Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream.


I am aware that I sound ridiculously melodramatic (I was born this way) but I don’t care; I could not survive without this product!

Nivea Soft describes itself as a “refreshingly soft moisturising cream”, and that it certainly is. A lighter, more whipped version of the original Nivea Creme, Nivea Soft gives my skin a refreshing moisture injection without feeling heavy or greasy on my skin. I apply it morning and night and, although I adore trying out different moisturisers, my face generally does not feel hydrated enough without this!

Nivea Soft contains Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) which apparently is incredibly similar to our sebum (the natural oil of our skin) and it is said that, when applied to human skin, it tricks the skin into thinking enough oil has been produced thus our sebum is balanced. Here’s a beauty fact I can tell you from my beauty therapy course – don’t be scared to use oil based products if you have oily skin. They will actually help to re-balance your skin’s oil production because¬†oil attracts oil.

The other big pro is that Nivea Soft is pH neutral. I’m going to do a full post on pH levels/skincare but to cut a long story short, this cream is not more or less acidic or alkaline than your skin so it is not damaging your skin *hoorah*.


So, although I’m sadly not being stranded on a desert island with coconuts and sunshine, I am happy enough with my pot of Nivea Soft. My skin literally cries when it doesn’t have its regular fix of this incredible cream. Go try!


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