Yankee Candle Festive Wax Melts

photo (3)Throughout the year I tut tut at the hype that surrounds Christmas time but come November I find myself being pulled into the festive spirit FAR too easily! This year I am a little worried how excited I’m actually becoming… after being in London for the last four Christmases I think I have been conditioned to celebrate this time of year far too hard and for far too long; festive after-work drinks pretty much every night, office parties, Winter Wonderland, mince pie parties, ice skating at the Natural History Museum, Selfridges Christmas store, general boozing on mulled wine all week etc etc… Now I am out of London I am feeling a little lost!

There’s no Selfridges Christmas display in Worcestershire so today I settled for my local garden centre and it’s hand-crafted wooden reindeer and festive jam boxsets. While I was mooching I realised I purchased an oil burner a few months ago so I decided to purchase a few of the Yankee wax tarts… of the CHRISTMAS VARIETY! Yes, my room/house will now smell of Christmas : )

A few tarts turned into six, and they’re not actually all Christmas themed, but who cares, I LOVE them!

I bought Christmas Eve, Snow in Love, Mandarin Cranberry, Snowflake Cookie (burning this now – it smells incredible), Lake Sunset and Honey Blossom. The latter two aren’t festive but they are really fresh and awakening so perfect for when I’m needing to stay alert and do college work rather than snuggle in a onesie.

photo (4)

I bought them at Barnett Hill Garden Centre (I feel so at home here as when I was younger some family friends owned it and I used to play all over the place!) and they were £1.12 each. I think they burn for 8 hours each. I bought the oil burner from eBay; it is made by Yankee and I think I paid about £8 for it. I just took a peek at the Yankee website and they have a sale on at the moment which is worth checking out http://www.yankeecandle.co.uk/


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