Tatler & Markus Lupfer freebie

Happy Saturday!
My lack of blogging this week is due to strained tendons in my typing hand/wrist making it very hard to write! It’s massively irritated me as I have been on half term this week and had so much time to blog but sadly it just wasn’t happening! I allowed myself 48 hours of sulking/chocolate feasting/grey’s anatomy overdosing and have now come back with a vengeance (and a new wrist support)!
photo (2)
I popped into town today to buy said wrist support and came back with a few new glossy mags, just because! I haven’t bought Tatler magazine for ages but was sold by the free gift! December’s issue is offering us a cute little clutch bag by Markus Lupfer! There are two colours to choose from; a beige or an orange. I picked the orange as I though the colour really stands out (which is what Markus Lupfer is all about) and the detail (mock crocodile skin i’d say) is a little more defined.
I probably won’t be using this as a clutch bag as it’s a little too small for all the stuff I carry around with me, even on a night out! Instead I’m going to pop it in my handbag and use it to carry things like handcreams and lipbalms. Perfect!
This inspired me to take a look at the Markus Lupfer website and oh em gee I love his stuff! The website alone gives us some amazing graphics on the homepage and the clobber is just too cool. Here is a little wishlist I drew up on Polyvore…
Markus Lupfer Wishlist
Markus Lupfer sequin jumper, $415 / Markus Lupfer white top, $360 / Markus Lupfer sweatshirts hoody / Markus Lupfer blue sequin top, $465 / Markus Lupfer embroidered shirt / Markus Lupfer cotton sweater / Markus Lupfer black crew neck t shirt, $120 / Markus Lupfer leather shoes / Markus Lupfer black shoes, $495 / Markus Lupfer hat, $230

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