Glossy treats

Monday afternoon allowed me to fulfill a rarely fulfilled love that is chilling out in Starbucks with a spearmint tea (usually a cappuccino but I’m cutting down on caffeine this week) and no real purpose but to relax and kill time. I had been at college all day and was waiting around for the open evening to begin where I was helping out by giving potential new students mini-manis! This blog is being posted 6 days after writing it (OOPS) as I have been ridiculously busy this week with other things (college, work, gym, planning a hen do!). Hope the mags are still available!

photo (1)

 I’ve got Marie Claire, Red and InStyle and all three have really lovely free gifts that I feel need a little mention to fellow beauty lovers!

Marie Claire comes with a 30ml L’Occitaine hand cream. I picked up the ‘Jasmine Passion’ one because 1) I already have about 3 of the ‘Peaux Seches’ cream which I love and 2) I thought the orange packaging was really pretty and different! These hand creams are fantastic; they are packed with shea butter and their fragrances are beautiful and really last. I don’t get the slipperiness you get from some hand creams and always feel like my hands are getting a real dose of nourishment when I slather this on! The jasmine cream smells delicious; it’s not too floral or herby which is great. Although I have enough hand creams to keep a small army moisturised for months (hand cream post to follow another day), I will never stop collecting!


InStyle was a bargain at £2 this month and comes with a pack of three mini Ren products (worth £12). The ‘Global Protection Day Cream’ smells divine and is really calming on my skin. The ‘Active 7 Eye Gel’ and the ‘Gentle Cleansing Milk’ both seem pleasant but the product sizes are just too small for me to review properly. I would like to try some Ren products as they seem great quality (they have no synthetic active ingredients and are all made from plant and mineral extracts) but there’s too much on my ‘wishlist’ at the moment! If you are a fan of Ren or want to give the brand a go, InStyle have a promotional code for 20% off: visit and use INSTYLE20 for your discount.

photo (3)

Red Magazine came with a free ‘This Works:’ skincare product. I would have preferred to pick up the ‘Daily Boost Body Scrub’ but they didn’t have any so I had to settle for the ‘Really Rich Firming Lotion’. I haven’t used it yet so will report back once I have! I have only heard/read great things about This Works so I am excited to use it! I have never bought Red Magazine before and I absolutely LOVED reading it. There were some fantastic articles written by women and I encourage you all to buy it : )

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