Sanctuary Spa obsession


My name is Sophie and (among many other things) I am addicted to Sanctuary Spa! Not only are the products great quality for the price, I am ridiculously in love with the signature scent!

My first ever Sanctuary Spa purchase was the Creme Soufflé. It comes in a huge 475ml tub and the consistency is gorgeously thick with a whipped texture that makes it seem lighter. It moisturises so well and the amazing smell lasts forever.

My mum bought me the 12 Hour Moisturising Shower Cream for my birthday last month and I haven’t been able to get enough of it. Again, it smells divine and it really moisturises my skin like no other shower cream. They say you don’t need to moisturise after using this and I would completely agree! I purchased another today with the Boots 3 for 2 offer due to my fear of running out!

Because it smells so good I also purchased the body spray which I carry around in my handbag and spritz throughout the day. I find it really refreshing and clean with an elegant edge. I always carry a perfume around with me and find I waste expensive fragrances by using them with the frequency you would a body spray so at £5.50 this is a bargain. Now my Clarins Eau Ressourcante and Gucci Rush are safely out of my handbag and back on my perfume shelf for more specific occasions saving me a lot of money in the long run!

The Classic Fragranced Candle is unfortunately a little bit of a let down. It looks stylish and does let off the beautiful scent but I would prefer it to be a little stronger. If you’re looking for a sophisticated modest scent then this is definitely for you. For me, it’s just a bit timid.

Finally the Comforting Night Butter from the ‘Sleep’ range really does what it says on the pot! It doesn’t have the classic scent but it is just as good. As well as moisturising my skin wonderfully it helps me relax in an instant and I’m loving bed time even more than before!



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