Achy muscles mean lovely purchases…

So I am currently going through a big life transition and one of my changes is losing weight and getting fit! I’ve been forking out for personal training sessions which is so worth it and I would recommend to anyone who really needs a kick up the backside (not literally)! I’ve been training on average 3 times a week and the sessions are INTENSE so naturally my muscles are screaming at me to give them a break (for some reason they start playing up after flipping tyres/doing hundreds of squats/throwing a kettle-bell around)!

I popped into TK Maxx today to see if I could find any bargains and left with my first ever ‘This Works’ product – Muscle Therapy – with the excuse that my muscles need a little bit of gentle pampering!

It’s a roller ball serum to be used on your muscles to ease tired and sore muscles and contains black pepper and marjoram essential oils which smell gorgeous. It has a deep woody,  spicy scent and generally smells really organic and relaxing. Glancing at the list of ingredients I can see eucalyptus, rosemary, ginger, olive and aloe vera which definitely makes me confident in the medicinal benefits of this product.

My shoulders are pretty sore tonight and I’ve applied a little to them; I haven’t felt a significant ‘halleluya’ transformation yet but the scent has definitely helped me to relax a little. Sometimes all you need is a little help with general relaxation in order to loosen your tightened muscles (knots).

I’m desperately keen to try out some of the ‘Sleep’ products by This Works as I have been struggling to wind down at night recently but until then I’m going to be using this product at bedtime as I think it will work as a dual purpose at easing my pain and helping me snooze too!

As mentioned above I purchased this in TK Maxx so of course it came with a lovely discount! I paid £12.99 and according to the label it retails at £17.00 so I saved £4. After a bit of research since purchasing I have discovered the product has actually been rebranded and now retails at £18 so I feel a little more smug with my bargain. The packaging is now red rather than green and it is now part of the ‘In Transit’ range but it seems everything else is exactly the same.

Really excited to test this out properly over the next few weeks : )

Find it here


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