Lip and skin saviour

Lip and skin saviour
I have recently re-discovered this amazing cream (well, it’s more like a gel or a serum). My ex-boyfriend bought me a pot (very similar to the picture above) back in 2009 and not only do I still have it; it’s not even half empty yet. I did some research on it recently and it seems the general consensus is that it lasts forever and it doesn’t go off (yey!).
Eight Hour Cream comes in a tube or a pot (the latter being more limited edition I think). I can’t speak for the tubes but the pots last forever and look so pretty. They change the design and I think the latest is really sophisticated.
I mainly use my cream on my lips to moisturise and to act as a sort of primer for lipstick. I also use it under my eyes before makeup to help smooth the area and reduce foundation/concealer creases… I am so prone to these and the cream really, really works! During autumn/winter, if my skin needs a quick moisture boost I will slather it all over my face before I go to bed and, incredibly, I wake up in the morning with a non-greasy face (I say incredibly because at application the cream does make your skin pretty greasy and shiny) and very smooth skin 🙂
Although it’s been in the back of my skincare drawer all summer it will be a staple part of my skin regime over the colder months; as it is quite a thick consistency I tend not to use it so much during the summer as then I prefer lighter products with a little less weight.
You can buy Eight Hour Cream online easily. It retails at £25 for the 50ml tube in most places (e.g. Boots) but if you shop around online you will probably be able to find it much cheaper and may even manage to find one of the limited edition pots.
*since writing this post I’ve been into TK Maxx and they have lots of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour products with great discounts so get down there pronto!

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